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Seven ways to maintain a good moral life! by kerminator   43 min
Good education is the key to finding the whole truth! by kerminator   51 min
Survivor Corps by kerminator   5 d
Here is where it started - now you know by kerminator   5 d
"Conversation with God is the depth and center of the Soul" by kerminator   5 d
Francais "mayday" (from venez m'aider, "come help me") by kerminator   7 d
Waimea by kerminator   8 d
Which way do you go to find true forgiveness? by kerminator   8 d
It seems that we just can not get it right! by kerminator   10 d
“Why don’t you just trust in God?” by kerminator   10 d
Our earthly existence is based upon how we lived it! by kerminator   11 d
If I had only known! by kerminator   11 d
The Truth will make you free! by kerminator   12 d
Who am I , That you should love me? by kerminator   13 d
If U missed it - here it is once more! by kerminator   13 d
So Much for Virus "Isolation" & Germ "Theory" by luckman   14 d
How much longer do we have? by kerminator   14 d
Some of the questions that remain unanswered by kerminator   14 d
Where are you centered in your life? by kerminator   15 d
Let's bury racial victim-hood once and for all! by kerminator   15 d
There is a Big change coming - but you do not want to see it by Kerminator   15 d
Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective 12 Stars! by kerminator   17 d
What are the top 10 Languags in the world? by kerminator   17 d
September 2021 - Creme de la Creme by Chef JeM   18 d
“The COVID Vaccine Program has Killed Veterans by kerminator   20 d
Myths of Muhammad? by kerminator   20 d
The ‘Real Lord of the Flies’: Survivor’s Story of Shipwreck by kerminator   20 d
Nikola Tesla and his Tower by kerminator   21 d
distinguishing fact from opinion, by kerminator   21 d
Enchanted Zen Gardens by Chef JeM   23 d
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