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Doodle Art: "ET Bacteria"/"Entangled" by Mayah   9 h
Eco Art: Summer of 2018 by Mayah   9 h
God always meets our needs by kerminator   9 h
The Science Behind Happy Relationships by kerminator   18 h
Life is?? #319 Which R U ? by kerminator   20 h
EcoArt: "String Theory" by Mayah   4 d
Life is?? #318 By His Strips we are healed! by kerminator   5 d
So what is the best answer? by kerminator   5 d
Life is?? #317 Being filled with the Spirit by kerminator   6 d
A strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, by kerminator   7 d
Opposition a Sign of End Times and 'Demonic,' by kerminator   8 d
How YOU Can Undermine the Evil Cabal by luckman   8 d
Life is?? #316 When will you help? by kerminator   8 d
Sally Fallon-Morell ... by chef jem   12 d
Facebook Censorship Rampage Killing Alternative Pages by luckman   12 d
This promise will pull you through! by kerminator   14 d
Trust His Name! by kerminator   14 d
Life is?? #315 What a Blessing! by kerminator   15 d
Optimum Health Opportunity offered Me at OHI Retreat by YourEnchantedGarde.   15 d
July 2018 - 'Creme de la Creme' by Chef JeM   15 d
Getting Out of the College Matrix by ren   16 d
A Water Walker by kerminator   16 d
A Tale from Long Ago... by lfire   18 d
Life is?? # 314 A thief is not your friend! by kerminator   18 d
EcoArt:Measure of the Soul by Mayah   20 d
Where is your inheritance? by kerminator   22 d
Total perfection? by kerminator   23 d
Hematuria journal by YourEnchantedGardener   23 d
My Abraham Hicks Game Sheet by ren   23 d
"I can only imagine" - from the original recording by kerminator   24 d
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