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Learn how to pick up! by kerminator   61 h
4 Ways to become happier by kerminator   61 h
Your heart controls your responses by kerminator   66 h
Tradition Neutralizes Real Intent by kerminator   72 h
light to the nations. by kerminator   84 h
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Thresholds by Chef JeM   5 d
What should we do? by kerminator   5 d
Declaration of Interdependence by YourEnchantedGardener   6 d
Factious excuse by kerminator   6 d
It's all right - Part 1 by kerminator   8 d
From where I stand - seek the truth! by kerminator   8 d
SOMETHING TO PONDER: George Carlin by kerminator   8 d
** Become a responsible witness by kerminator   9 d
Results are far more important than just good grades by kerminator   10 d
Not cannibalism, but speaking of the spiritual man. by kerminator   10 d
The Truth of Karma by Chef JeM   10 d
Well, if it ain't one thing, it's another. by mizmac   11 d
Seek to know where your eternal life is? by kerminator   14 d
A Sense of Unity Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction by luckman   14 d
Eco Art: "Squiggles"/"Goddess Two" by Mayah   14 d
Actual LOVE - not what the world practices! by kerminator   15 d
Why does fear come? by kerminator   17 d
Get out of the Boat by kerminator   17 d
Truthful testimony by kerminator   18 d
A "Creme de la Creme" - Journal by Chef JeM   19 d
The Science Behind Raw Milk by chef jem   20 d
What is the Soul? - 1 by kerminator   22 d
May 2019 - "Creme de la Creme"! by Chef JeM   22 d
Hidden Secret by lfire   22 d
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