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Date:   10/1/2006 5:11:57 AM ( 16 y ago)
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Thank you 2dreem :)

You're right - we all have these days - it just seems so much worse at the time and once it's all over I always say to myself "What oh earth was I just whining about?"

Also your tip of having a few spoonfuls of syrup works a dream - I ended up having two cups of mint tea both with a couple of tablespoons of MS... mmmm!

In the end I did just what you said, I spent the rest of the day reading blogs and the MC forum, in the hope of finding people who had got past these stages. So I made it to Day 7! I also had a lie in so am feeling pretty refreshed. It's so true (I read somewhere) that the heavy detox symptoms/cravings etc pretty much get flushed away when you do the SWF. So am feeling pretty good :)

Thanks again 2dreem for the encouraging words, I hope that the rest of your MC goes smoothly, not long to go for the both of us! (Though at times it does feel like an eternity ;) All the best!

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