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Date:   9/24/2006 7:30:20 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I have posted one of the many Harpo writings I now own on your blog Harpolove. He has many prayers, gospels and sermons. I think you and maybe other readers will enjoy it. Take a look.

I also found some disturbing hate mail which he wrote to his helpers and his sisters. I will not post these, but it certainly raises some questions. He had a difficult time relating to his blood relatives and to his hired helpers.

People who were paid to take care of him evidently in his mind were not doing a good job; they were exaggerating their hours or as he put it lying and according to him short changing him; he felt cheated as they were not always preparing him hot suppers. He also complained of not having heat and hot water on some occassions. I believe there was a time (maybe one or two isolated days when the utilities were cut off because his nephew Kenny could not afford to pay the bills). I think Kenny asked my Dad to help pay this bill, but he refused. Kenny is on disability and only gets about $700 a month. This is not enough to pay all the bills on a two story house. He is also not good with handling money. It is a real problem. At this time my Dad was giving away over $20,000 to his favorite radio station.

It certainly shows there are two sides to every story. Dad was a very frail man in his 80's and he did depend on others to take care of him. However what he wrote about his sisters should be a warning to all of us not to write hate mail and to remember it could one day be our legacy. I am tempted to destroy them. Harpo has one surviving sister, Vicky, I don't think she would want to read what he wrote. She would be broken hearted.

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