Harpo Prayer Sept 18, year unknown maybe 2001 by Tina Andrews .....

Date:   9/24/2006 4:01:25 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I cannot thank God enough for HIS Grace the Grace to the end of time.
The Grace is good for everyone of us; everything good is found in God's grace. Everyday I have someting to say all day long, "Jesus is coming soon".
How goes it for you? Are you ready? It It is better to have spiritual growth than to have physical groth.

A real love for everything the Bible teaces us how to know the true truth. Think of the word of God and reflect on his great power. What can be like th epromises as Holy God. Nothing...Tomorrow can be a danger word because we live today, just do something now. We can do something great for God today.

How often we wait and it is too long and there are many times it is wasted?
Do the thing that has to be done and do it.

To know Jesus is a life time study of daily doing His will.
We go to Jesus to avoid a lost soul.
What we do will reveal what we are.
Pick up your Cross and follow me.

The world is wonderful to thise that wait on the lord and seek His will.
God will always take care of His family.
Acts 4-28 Life everylasting. Bible


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