GO raw for a few days before your fast by annaconda .....

Date:   6/6/2006 1:59:37 PM ( 14 y ago)
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Sounds like your body could use a few days to balance out, before you start the huge undertaking which is a fast.

When you're ready, try 3 days of fruits and vegetables before you start, so the transition is easier. You can even start out with cooked vegetables, then over three days phase in some juices, and raw fruits & veggies.

Then you'll be ready to go! Congratulations and good luck on your huge undertaking. Just be very careful with your exercise. You need to go EASY on your body. Especially for the first 5-10 days - start out by just going for a walk, or something really light, before you get on your bike and head out for a longer ride.

Your electrolyte levels and all that will be greatly affected by you not consuming food, so be very nice and accepting and careful with your body.

It will help you fast longer, too.

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