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Date:   5/17/2006 7:43:06 AM ( 15 y ago)
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I am in Canada and I am not a teacher and I dont have any kids but I am concerned about what is happening now!!!! It has only been 15 years since I was in high school ( ok well maybe 17 hahahah) but that is not long for things to change soooo much. I went to a high school play about a month ago and could not believe my ears, behind me were 4 high school students trying to figure out what time it was from a watch that had a face? They discussed and debated about what time it really was and weren't really sure until they pulled out a cell phone with digital time on it! Next there was a reference to Hitler in the play and one was like who's Hitler?? I dont no ,I dunno I dunno. I am not saying I was the brightest student in school and I can say I have learnt a lot more after but I could tell time and had an idea who Hitler was, I mean come on. So the next day I went to get a coffee for my grandmother ,$1.67 I gave the teenage girl working $2 she had to wait for the cash register to tell her what the change was, now I can see if it was busy- Ive done jobs like that and your brain sorta shuts off but there was no one else around. Anyway so she waits for the cash register to tell her what the change was and gives me back $0.21---- the wrong amount. I was floored. Im afraid to get old, whats going to happen? what will the kids be like coming out of school in 20 more years its just crazy. Thats only a couple examples of things I have noticed. I am afraid very afraid!!!

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