Hang in there, better days are coming! by Dazzle .....

Date:   5/3/2006 8:43:23 PM ( 14 y ago)
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I applaud your efforts and I admire your strength and stamina.

Have you considered a juice fast? You will still detox and you will still lose the weight (I've lost between 26 and 30 pounds on 30 days juice fasts) but you will be putting incredibly nourishing juices in your body and these will help you to persevere and to heal.

You need to juice the veggies/fruit and then drink them immediately because they will eventually oxydize and lose their enzymes. Greens are extremely low in calories and extremely powerful in keeping your moods stable, coating your nerves so things don't get to you so quickly, they heal deeply...

I wish you much luck and am rooting for you,
~ Dazzle

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