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Date:   5/1/2006 10:51:09 AM ( 14 y ago)
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LMBO@ Dazzle checks in!

Thank you again for your kind words.  I'm greedy for kind words and gobble them up whenever I come across them.  Thank goodness they're not fattening!  LOL

I didn't see myself as a cheerleader as much as I was just expressing my feelings and thoughts in response to your writings and photography... When something strikes me deeply, the passion within rises to the top like cream, then bubbles over and consumes all it touches.  'Tis prolly why your own passion resonates with mine. 

Yes, I agree, maintaining a popular blog is a tremendous amount of work and takes an astronomical amount of time.  Time I really don't have to spare anymore.  Not like I did.  Your blog is so HUGE, Leslie.  There is so much here, it's a treasure trove of ideas, beauty, passion, great writing and prose, stunning photography, illuminating creative vision... your blog has so much depth. 

It's who you are. 

Planting your dream... isn't that what everyone wants?

~ Dazzle 


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