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Date:   4/13/2006 8:24:42 PM ( 14 y ago)
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Funny, I am never bored.  This doesn't mean, I don't take breaks, smell the roses, watch the sun set, listen to the quiet... It's just I never feel bored...  I am interested in far too many things in life, inside and outside my head.  Bored is a five letter word to me, because I always thought the meaning to bored is: to feel tired, fatigued, unchallenged, uninterested in one's surroundings...  Even when watching a sunset on the Gulf (which I do often) I am not bored because such a phenonemon is thrilling even when seen day after day.

I do agree that our pace in life has become far too frantic... we miss out on the little things and because at that moment it seems little, it seems okay to miss it... we'll catch it later... and then we find that later is a decade later and we still miss the little things, but by then, they've piled up so much those little things have become big things...   And we've missed them in our rushes to get somewhere, be someone, have it all.  When all along, we were someplace already, we were someone and we had it all.  It's just that... we missed it.


But true.

Keep up the great blogs, Kerm.  They always make me turn a few screws upstairs.

~ Dazzle


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