Re: Spring Fast, 3/20 (spring forward, 4/2) by star10497 .....

Date:   3/21/2006 5:57:11 PM ( 15 y ago)
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oh .... today was hard... A lot of emotion yesterday and today i was soooooo sleepy during work i couldnt keep my eyes open.. Also had major cravings they where consuming my mind.

Well i am glad to see someone is on for the ride..... I would love to have someone to chat with during this journey..

My main goals are for a clearer mind, spiritual cleansing/renewal, and obviously to see a lot less of me when i look in the mirror.. Thats the bonus. Honestly i want to get a grip on my issue of overeating... I mean i am about 35lbs overweight .. But food has been my comfort and my refuge and I dont think it should have such a hold on someone. It was my drug my self medication. So lately it was getting worse and started to binge and purge but i decided to nip it in the bud before it really took a hold on me. God has led me to this fast and i believe He will sustain me..

I wish you well on your journey and God Bless

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