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Date:   3/13/2006 9:14:45 AM ( 14 y ago)
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It's really tough - that move of "accepting" yourself. I totally agree that overweight people are piled on with negativity, and the more that comes, the further away you feel from "normal" and the harder it is to see yourself there.

I was having a lot of success a month ago envisioning myself at a good goal weight, and still practicing 'loving' the excess weight I'm carrying around at the moment. I was also using a great visualization CD I got, which I haven't listened to for a while (a lot of relaxation and then positive affirmations, etc.)

I'm a huge fan of yoga and, though I've been going to the gym in the burn calories rat-race, I returned to my iyengar studio for a level II class last week and it was such a treat!


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