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>About 20 companies worldwide are developing plants for the production of >pharmaceutical or industrial proteins. Companies have already conducted open field >trials of plants that produce Hepatitis B vaccine, human antibodies against herpes >and other diseases, and human blood proteins. One company is developing an animal >drug in corn, and suggests that the corn would be grown only for feed. Field trials >have taken place at least in the US, France, and Canada.
>Any good news in the world of Pharm Crops?

Maybe you already know more than you want to?

They alter plants, fruits, vegetables and grains. Ever wondered about the possibilities of accidental cross pollination happening? I have.

Have you ever noticed how many types of hybrid tomatoe plants there are? The pharmaceutical and chemical giant I worked for has the most patents for the top sellers.

They chemicals to grains and create chemical fermentations for many different types of vaccines, in vats bigger than many back yard swimming pools.
The vaccine part they want to use is extracted from the chemical fermentation. The waste product is then distilled into alcohol. Since grain was used in the process (not to mention certain added chemicals), it is sold to many companies as pure grain alcohol. Example: the makers of Leroux Liqueurs & Brandy whom advertises their product as all natural flavor! is one of many buyers from the pharmaceutical company I worked for....all the pharm corps do this. (just because a company has "Distillery" after their name, does not mean they distill all their products)
Are you sure you know where your pure grain alcohol or vodka comes from?

You would be shocked at some of the other waste products that are sold for other uses.
Wouldn't you think Revlon lipstick was the safest thing a person could put on lips in the 1960's and early 70's???!!!

A major automobile tire manufacturer contracted for us to make a synthetic rubber by using thier chemical formula. we discovered by using less chemicals in the process, the rubber was almost indestructable. in other words, the tire would last longer than most cars.
The tire corp was informed of this discovery. They already knew!! and didn't want a stronger longer lasting product.

I worked in a highly carcinogenic chemical process, and I am tested every year for cancer cells forming. The product has caused cancer in every laboratory animal the government has tested it on, yet the government says the effects on humans is uncertain. I have seen guys I worked with die of cancer.
They tested us for an aromatic amine...guess what! there were 2 over the counter products we had to stay away from befor a test, because the would send our test readings sky high! The 2 products are Vicks Formula 44 and Nyquil.

I had aniline poisoning, and exposed to lead dioxin, phosgene (nerve gas) benzine, chlorine gas, cyanide, I am not going to name them all. I've probably said more than anybody wants to read anyway.


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