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Date:   2/24/2006 1:37:11 PM ( 14 y ago)
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Wow. That's great work to do. I'm thinking about another kitty. I'd like to get two, so we can keep some siblings together. I've always gotten pairs at a time, and inevitably one lives much longer than the other.

Ginger was a skittish soul. She only ever sat on my lap like 3 times, and at that, she sort of sat like a vulture, not exactly relaxed. She never warmed up to people. We think she might have been abused or been an outdoor cat before we got her & her sister from the shelter.

I've always had darker colored cats, never a lighter one. I'm excited to see what makes my heart skip when I go to the shelter this time. I'm not quite ready yet, but my fiance misses having a friend around. I am getting ready to have some murf balls running around my house. (I call cat "head-butting" murfing, and hence, the new kitties would be murf balls).

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