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Date:   2/15/2006 2:01:27 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I am so glad I did not upset you.  I am on your side and I very much want you to succeed.

You're already seeing the effects of this juice fast in your skin and hair and that's marvelous!  It's only to get better as time passes.  Yes, you will have some low points, but those will pass and the longer you're on this fast, the less they'll come and the quicker they'll pass.

Teens.  Aren't they something?  They can try a saint!  LOL  But remember she is watching you and is secretly in awe of what you're trying to accomplish.  At the end of your fast, you will have shown your precious daughter how she can take control of her own health and well being.  What a truly beautiful thing!

My son and daughter still marvel over my fasts, but the first one I did, I was under a magnifying glass and I knew I had to complete the fast and come out a winner.  They've never done their own fasts but they now know they when they do, they will come out a winner, just like their mother did.  My daughter intends to try her first juice fast after she is finished breast feeding the baby.  The baby is due in May and if she breast feeds as long as she did with her first child, four months, then she'll be ready for her juice fast sometime in Sept.  I will probably go on another one then, at least two weeks, to give her the support she may need.

Keep up the good work.  You've already got beyond Day 6 which was always a huge hurdle for you in the past.  You can do it. Absolutely.  I have no doubt.

Happy Early Birthday, darling!

~ Dazzle


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