This day will PASS, husbands 8 day he ex same thing by But God .....

Date:   2/14/2006 11:24:22 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi hannagrl,

Please know that EVERY emotion and thought you're having is EXACTLY what my husband is going through, the two of you started the same time. When I read him your blog his response was "MUM", he couldn't imagine a person he never met was going through the same thing. today and yesterday he has been struggling, even with his tremendous weight loss. He's saying the same things, "What am I doing this for?", "This is crazy", "please don't bring that juice near me", "the smell is making me sick", "I just can't do another enema", "I've got to eat", he doesn't even want water, just kinda lying around. THIS DAY WILL PASS, it's normal. You CAN do this hannagrl, your reason YOU WANNA BE FREE !!! AND YOU WILL.

But God

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