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Date:   2/12/2006 2:43:17 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Thanks Anne!
3-2-1...blastoff!!! Yeah, I will wean myself off coffee as before. You should have seen the looks on my coworkers faces last time I went off coffee! Nobody likes the withdrawal symptoms, do they?

I am marking my calender for March 1st 2006. That will be Day 1 of the JF. Until then, I will wean myself off my beloved coffee and ease off the other stuff that I should avoid everyday, not just pre-JF days. Did I mention I am a "carbo-haulic"? lol!

Oh yeah, I understand the issues of JF'ing while cooking for the Hubster and kids. I can taste the smells (or at least I imagine I can!) of dinner on the stove.

Take care!

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