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Date:   1/26/2006 2:32:41 AM ( 15 y ago)
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When you said in the blog that some of the Egyptian symbols you received were animal images, it rang a bell with me. Maybe I can shed light on the purpose of the "download".

You remember in my idea for a blog about overlapping consciousness groups, I mentioned that one of the ones of which I am a part is based around the msn group Tenerife Amigos.

A couple of days after Katrina hit the headlines, a new guy made his appearance in the group and completely redesigned the home page. The new pictures he put in were mainly of dolphins and there were also some birds and animals.

What I was told at the time was that these new images were symbols which represented a coded language. When we were together as a group in Atlantis, we knew the continent was going to sink under the waves and we decided not to reincarnate there any more. In order to keep in touch with one another and be able to make contact with one another in a later time, when we were going to decide to reincarnate, we designed a code that we would all recognise and that would serve as a trigger to remind us that we were a group.

All I was told was that the code was mainly animal symbols, the prime one being the dolphin, and birds also being important.

Well, in your case, the symbols you received would have been part of a code designed to reunite you in consciousness with the other members of a group you knew in ancient Egypt. If this is true then you should look out for other members of your group.

I know my Mum and Dad were in ancient Egypt because this became clear to me when they visited me while I was there as a student - it was as if a karmic magnet were drawing them back there. I presume I have Egyptian history too.

Also, while we are on the subject of animal symbols, I have already mentioned to you that an animal is "adopting" each of us as a talisman. It just means the animal stays close to us and gives us support and healing whenever we need it.

Many of these animals are baby animals and are white in colour. You may have read in Yamilé's emails that there are an unusually high number of white buffalo being born at the moment on lands that traditionally belonged to the Native Americans, who hold the white buffalo sacred. They are born to parents of buffalo colour but they have a genetic factor which causes them to turn out pure white.

During the Foot and Mouth crisis in the U.K. there was also a moving story about a white calf who managed to escape the killing because her mother was shielding her with her dead body.

To give concrete examples, your talisman animal as I have seen it is a baby white seal; James' is a white eagle; Valentina's is a number of white doves; Lucy's is a pair of silver grey dolphins; mine is a white lamb; and our friend Eleri's is a fawn, dappled fawn colour and white.

Anyway I hope this sheds light on what you were receiving.

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