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Date:   10/20/2005 11:48:22 PM ( 18 y ago)
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"I am a pisecs (astrology sign). If you ask anybody I know they will tell you I am a odd person, "crazy" sometimes (in a good way), caring, funny, and always looking for the good in people. Yes, I may act a little "different" sometimes, but deep down I am an kind person with a deep respect for life. Within two years I went from being 230 pounds to 160 pounds. You can find out how buy clicking on "Health Report", the first link on this page.
My hobbies and interests: vegetarianism/veganism, compassion, random acts of kindness, chess, astronomy, nutrition, herbs, health, fasting, glyconutrients, coral calcium, hypnosis, meditation, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, spirituality, philosophy, chatting, ancient history, exercising, sports, Simpsons, anything mentally stimulating, and astronomy."  ~ 
from your website http://www.angelfire.com/ia/paulmc/

I'm also pisces, odd, crazy, caring, funny, and always looking for the good in people. We also have a lot of the same interests... except for the Simpsons.  Doh!

And most of all, we both Love Bruce Lee!


p.s.  Do you have a Teslar watch?   I've been thinking about getting one...


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