Re: Well Done! good luck! thanks for being my inspiration by lanaray .....

Date:   9/20/2005 7:29:40 AM ( 17 y ago)
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Thank you so much, Ellie, for the positive comment! You are a motivation to me! You have lost quite a bit of weight and kept it off, something I've yet to do.

I have always had an interest in Callanetics (leg lifts, etc. from time to time), but never to the point of trying to do an actual planned routine. You have now given me the inspiration to check a dvd out and give it a try. It seems to me that Callanetics might just be the right exercise for me during the fast.... I tried Yoga during my last fast and the class I took was a tad too strenuous for me & it turned me totally off yoga ever since.

Thanks & good luck to you with all you health endeavors!

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