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Date:   8/27/2005 8:29:09 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I've been in several mlm's that's failed too. Oh, well...

Life goes on.

I still believe in the opportunity availble in MLM's in general though. It's the only way for someone like me, (someone with very little ability to sell, very little starting amount of money, very little extra time) to learn and master the skills necessary to gain financial freedom. Other people with more resources can gain the kind of financial freedom that I dream about, but this is the quickest way for me and still be living within my Dharma.

And with financial freedom, the world opens up. I'll finally get the best education money can buy, travelling and meeting people from all over the world, from different cultures, from all walks of life.

I know my views will expand once I have the financial abilities to travel without any monetary concerns. And if I can share the wealth with others, all the more better.

MLM isn't for everybody... just for the enlightened. :-)



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