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Date:   8/24/2005 9:22:56 AM ( 16 y ago)
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HI Deradune , thanks for the feedback > I tryed something thats similar to that where the practitioner just used mild touch over certina meridians in the back ,at first i thought this guy was ripping me of but i noticed the difference almost straight away . He kept saying its not him doin but that what he was doing sends signals to the brain to relax the muscles around the spinal column . It worked but on the fifth visit it seemed to be not making any further progress and was proving costly .

I havnt heard of jin shin but it sounds good and il keep an eye out for practitioners in sydney ,. Yes its hard to get a chiropracter to suit ones needs , from what ive seen there either to rough or to eager to rush you through. I was travelling through traffic for maybe half hour on average and being very punctual paying top dollar, to be treated for like 5 minutes and with inconsistant adjustments . Some of these guys are making a fortune and giving out second rate treatment , they spend very little time with a patient and seem more focused on how many clients they can do in an hour , i found this to be true at most clinics i visited and wouldnt be surprised if it was like that in the states aswell . Anyway once again thanks for your input it was much valued and il keep and eye out for jin shin .


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