I heard jin shin is very good! by Deradune .....

Date:   8/16/2005 10:42:46 PM ( 17 y ago)
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...and definitely much safter than chiropracty.

I have a shoulder that keeps going out of socket at the rotator cup, giving severe pain and loss of range of motion. I've been to several chiros, and definitely the experiences are mixed. A couple times it was like the chiro was a lifesaver, the rest of the times it didn't seem to do much good, just cost me more money, and the other times when the chiros were extremely gentle it seemed that they accomplished nothing at all.

I have a friend with TERRIBLE back issues due to having been crushed between two cars years ago, and he tells me jin shin really works great. I was going to go to a chiro again this week but I keep thinking I should try the jin shin instead. Just Google it and you can read about it. The practitioner barely touches you, but is applying fingertips to energy centers. I really do believe there is a lot of electrical stuff going on in the body. I have felt it. I haven't gone for jin shin yet, but it would be nice to be able to get that and not have to fear damage from the chiros. I have had some that were so rough that I was scared they would break something, and in fact have a friend who needed back surgery after a chiropractic visit when a disc became seriously dislodged. One could say it was a pre-existing condition, I don't know, but the fact remains it happened while under the hands of a chiropractor!


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