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Date:   4/24/2005 9:27:51 PM ( 17 y ago)
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I just read through your whole blog and could really relate. I have been struggling also with health issues stemming from what I believe are repressed and suppressed emotions. I am making headway, however, and wanted to share what has really helped me: Karol K. Truman's books, FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE and HEALING FEELINGS FROM THE HEART (www.healingfeelings.com). Using Karol's script, one can change one's DNA and reprogram it. Fascinating and powerful work!!

Just recently I met someone who directed me to the Z-Point process. I have used it a couple of times and have definitely felt a shift in my feelings, especially toward myself as I have been processing those in particular. Check it out at http://www.grantconnolly.com. He has a free ten page e-book about healing relationships which you can download from his Yahoo discussion group files section.


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