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Date:   7/20/2022 3:43:57 PM ( 5 mon ago)
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I am not exactly sure what specific topic/subject you are addressing, but it seems like you are commenting on the lack of insight/intuition used by humanity to solve, explore and search for the understanding needed for our world....(Pleae exccuse all typ[os and mistakes, I've been in hospitals 10 times in the last 2 years for CHF weak heart and suffered a stroke....There is no cure, so you're talking right now to someone from the other world). My observation is that everybody/most people  have learned to think dogmaticly/bureaucratically (LIKE "religion") instead of generically/objectively. ...(there is creator, but He is not a book or a set of rules,laws regulations). We cannot really love ANYTHING or any6one by following the directions written in a book. This one concept offsets alll intelligence and to me it seems to be the reasaon we3 can't come to a realization of truth.


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