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Date:   8/13/2020 9:16:38 PM ( 24 mon ago)
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I too was a "blue baby". Have many chronic conditions of the back , severe tinitus, irratability. I just chock it up to "old age", despite the fact I have always been physically active , not even 5 lbs overweight . I have always struggled to "keep up" cognitively with my peers.
What I would like to know is, how many "blue babies" had a close relation with their birth mother ? My relationship seemed strained from the start. Mother could not hold me for 6wk NICU, until birth weight > 5 lb. Of the 5 boys she gave birth to. I was #2...and always in her cross hairs if you know what I mean. Any others with "strained" relationship or lack of bonding experience ?

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