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Date:   12/31/2017 10:40:54 PM ( 5 y ago)
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Dear One:

I got a different feeling when reading this, especially in light of the challenges you are now dealing with your health and the western medicine approach.

my impression that in the dream you are standing up for yourself. you are standing up for what you believe in. you are standing up for a different way of "seeing" things spiritually and in every day living.

I could not help but be reminded of Yeshua, standing up for what he saw as a "new vision" of spirituality and being ignored by the "mainstream". this has always been your calling in this lifetime, and I have a feeling in many many lifetimes--to go against the "status quo" to bring a new vision forth, a different way of "seeing" things, a different way of living.

it has never been easy, what you are doing. but it is necessary, to bring to earth a new vision of the NOW and of the future.

and because it is difficult to be different, to "see" a different way of being, and to be ignored or misinterpreted or "put down" or disregarded, there is a certain element of doubt in yourself, of questioning yourself and your purpose. hence a feeling of embarrassment, or need to apologize, when THERE IS NO NEED, not really.

there will always be those who "get" your message, and others who don't. I think this dream has more to do with your own self-doubt than anything else. this is NOT a put down. you are human, and humans often doubt themselves, have low self-esteem, question themselves and their purpose, especially after a lifetime of being misunderstood, ignored, put-down.

but your purpose remains. this is the primary focus, and you always come back to it, again and again and again. I've seen you do this, coming from a place of self-doubt, of exhaustion, of illness, many many times.

You are a wayfarer; you always have been, in life time after lifetime. in this new energy that has come onto the planet since 2012, and strengthening every year since, your message is finally being heard.

sending you much love and blessings and prayers for healing!


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