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Date:   11/14/2017 6:01:10 AM ( 5 y ago)
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Day 7. 231lbs, Waist 107cm Chest 127cmm

Feeling really tired all the time and the acid reflux is getting worse. I've been walking over 10,000 steps everyday. Wondering if I should stop?

Day 8. 229.8lbs, Waist 107cm Chest 126cm

Slept until 3pm today. Then at about 10am I fell asleep. I'm still so tired, might look for some powerade zero tomorrow. I've noticed my heart is really odd. It's faster then normal. I'm getting between 82-98beats per min resting, which really isn't good. Plus i feel it. So i think it might be wise to see my GP at the end of the week.

Day 9. 229.8lbs, Waist 106cm Chest 126cm

So the weight has stalled now, which from what i've read happens all the time during fasts. I'm still tired. I'm way to tired to drive or use my bike so I'm going to weight until the weekend and then go shopping. It's not like I'm gonna "starve" if i put of shopping for a few days XD but in all seriousness I really want to get some powerade zero. I few people have recomended it to me, so hopefully that will get me going. On the brightside, no alcohol yet! This is the longest time i've gone without it in maybe 4 years.


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