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Date:   6/3/2016 3:50:17 AM ( 6 y ago)
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The unconsciousness of human beings can be easily seen from this article.

Not once is does it even occur to the author that he (or us) is the problem.

The talk is always outwards. We seek truth here, we seek truth there, we seek truth everywhere. Where could it be hiding ? Maybe if we look hard enough.

But that's not the problem at all.

You, or we are the problem. Can a monkey receive truth ? Ever seen a monkey in a zoo ? Because that's what you are, more or less.

Only if we do the inner work ... and there are many well established teachers and paths. But, very few people actually follow them.

Talk, yes people talk a lot.
Hugging, yes people hug a lot.
Just like any monkey.
Every seen a troop of monkeys in a forest, all they do is talk and hug, and preen each other. This is what mankind is, albeit with better jeans.

But following a path, very very few.

Truth, is it out there ?
Of course.
But you are not.

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