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Subject: Re: JFK Assassination & The American Psyche
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A friend of mine, "Bob" was searching in the archives of Stanford University and found a telegram by J. Edgar Hoover 3 days after the assassination. In it Hoover gave the order to destroy a certain document that he referenced with a code number.

This caught Bob's attention, he searched further and found the document that Hoover was referring to. Somebody did not follow orders and the original was there in the same archive.

It was a telegram by Lee Harvey Oswald warning J. Edgar Hoover of a live assassination cell in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to assassinate President Kennedy.

Oswald sent this same telegram to every major FBI office. Only one telegram survived.

Bob tried to get this published but no publisher would touch it. It was however published in EIR or Executive Intelligence Review. A publication by Lyndon LaRouche.

Thank you!

I've pursued your mention of EIR and have noted several extraordinary insights that I am sincerely grateful for!

One thing is that I now have an even higher regard for Jim Garrison. “... he writes in 'On the trail of the Assassins.' (Sheridan Square Press, NY), 'a product of my family, my military experience, and my years in the legal profession. I could not imagine then that the government would ever deceive the citizens of this country.'”

Another note I made:
“According to the records of the New Orleans Grand Jury, nearly a dozen individuals who had worked with Lee Harvey Oswald during his residence in New Orleans and who represented potential crucial sources of evidence in the probe had been hired by defense contractors immediately following the Kennedy killing, given lucrative positions, and placed under contant screen of DISC1, which maintained security responsibilities for all the facilities and personnel of the nation's defense contractors.”


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