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Date:   5/13/2015 1:17:57 AM ( 6 y ago)
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Hey Blythc,

I don't have Morgellons. I wish I did. Not that Morgellons is fun, but I don't think it is contagious nor deadly. I have no fibers, no lesions, no weird things coming out of my skin.

I had worms when I was pregnant and didn't know it. I was treated as though I had Crohn's and I don't. The combination on a severely permeable gut and ineffective parasitic herbs caused a hyperinfection/dissemination. It is too unreal for anyone to believe....except people on here who understand and have gone through it. I believe I have strongyloidiasis and ascariasis and tapeworm. I know that is infectious, and my darling children were exposed. Life will NEVER be the same.

The medical community needs to wake up and realize this is a serious matter and treat people, sooner rather than later. When it is too advanced as in my case, medicines are ineffective.

God bless you! I am glad your grandchildren are fine and that you can beat Morgellons. :). I wish I could beat a disseminated hyperinfection of helminthes. I wish that my husband would believe me, and I wish he and the kids were NEVER exposed.

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