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Date:   4/27/2015 10:41:39 PM ( 8 y ago)
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Dear VCH

You've been through alot.

If it helps any, here is what helped me alot.

I changed my diet, strictly no grains, and no gluten - that means, no bread, no pasta, and increased fats. I live on vegetables, meat, eggs, salads and nuts.

I zapped almost 8 hours a day for a period of about six months.

I use MSM, N-Acetyl Cysteine and zinc daily.

Coffee enemas daily.

Know that most of the paras love food and the best place to find food is in the intestines. Its rare for them to stay outside of their favorite place for long.

I did several rounds of ICU protocol. But just know the liver is not up for that sort of bombardment for long and as well as this needs to process alot of dead parasites; this is why getting the colon moving daily and the coffee enemas are vital.

It is very unlikely from what I've learned (everyone has paras) that you have passed anything on to family members they didn't already have.

Love and healing to u.


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