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Date:   3/2/2015 11:46:24 AM ( 7 y ago)
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Great to heard from you -

Well you said:

"I do agree that a lot of the problems now are self inflicted and continued on by so called "leaders" and well there's a lot of money in keeping people down.
Either way, not all black people in the US are living this way and do very well despite what this horrendous media says."

BYW: I do not put much credence in the Mass Media anyway..

Yes, agree many " leaders and some Big $ " are keeping many of the Black people down - but this is also keeping all other citizens down...
{So it is not a " Black only " issue which many want to keep saying - special privileges... }

That is what I alluded to in my blog on " Integration" - That all the people should strive to become one nation under God... Not under some social leadership of special race or creed or need privileges..

Yes, I know and understand that not all Black people are living this way... Yet it goes back to either we integrate and work together or we end up fighting each other in the " Race card " game...

Thanks for your views and reply -
May the Lord God Bless you ...

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