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Date:   3/1/2015 5:40:01 AM ( 7 y ago)
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This is only your own opinion Kermit and I can say that after slavery there was Jim Crow and violent oppression of black people in the segregated South. Just because they were the legal granting of rights, doesn't mean that suddenly POOF decades of oppression disappears and everyone is ready to accept black people. You still had to deal with people who did not want you as a person having the same right as themselves and perhaps it would help to look at it from a black person's perspective from that time. If you and your grandparents had to go through colored only signs and be treated like second class citizens decade after decade how would you have turned out.

I do agree that a lot of the problems now are self inflicted and continued on by so called "leaders" and well there's a lot of money in keeping people down. Either way, not all black people in the US are living this way and do very well despite what this horrendous media says.

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