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Date:   12/23/2014 9:43:18 AM ( 9 y ago)
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If I were you, I would read Dr. Clark's book, "The Cure For All Diseases." (It used to be published on this website, but I am not sure any more, but there are places on the internet where you can download this book.)

You will learn that she believed in a series of cleanses to improve your body and they do work! She stressed an order in which to complete these cleanses, but, of course, I didn't. At the time, I had gallstones and that was all I cared about, so I did the liver flush. I flushed every 2 weeks until I saw no more stones. Now, I flush a couple of times a year for maintenance flushes. The cost.....less than 5 dollars.

In between the liver flushes, I began to do parasite cleanses and colon cleanses. It sounds to me from your description that you have parasites. Did you know that 90% of ALL human beings have parasites? That is a scary thought.

I would stay away from all food preservatives and cook from scratch as mocuh as possible. Drink as much water as you can furing the day to flush out toxins. SWEAT A LOT!!

Read as much as possible, but do not become overwhelmed because you will burn out quickly. Take in as much information as possible and then focus on that much for that day.

Good luck!

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