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Date:   8/31/2014 2:22:03 AM ( 8 y ago)
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I think its about 50 dollars or so. I think the council just recently OKed grey water use(not that that would stop us) also.

If u hadnt thought of it u could also add to that savings by recycling your kitchen water, laundry. ect. Wouldnt be hard at all i hope u know. With eight adults it would seem obvious, lets just not let it take as many years as the gutters did.

Sounds like something Leslie should do also.

The irony for me is that my actual water cost is about a third of my bill cause of the system upgrade bond we're paying to the city(for our landlords (-: oh well its like the words spinning out, so do the dollars. (oh yeah 14.99 a gallon)


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