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Date:   12/16/2011 11:25:49 PM ( 10 y ago)
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Thank you so much for writing your very wise words, fledgling!

Thank you for the reminder of the prayers--the first one is the principle of Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness:

...and the second one, I say to myself frequently! I'm talking to my hurt or scared "inner child" self, and use it to self-soothe.

Yes, there really is no such thing as time! We humans are very linear in our 3D reality, but as spiritual BEings we are without time. Everything that has ever happened to us or that we have said, thought, done, still resides in our own minds, and we can change it for ourselves, if not for others.

...and speaking of our grandbabies...Spirit has told me that we are are own ancestors and our own descendants--as "old souls" we incarnate over and over again, and often put ourselves back into our own family tree to "rework" the issues we have not resolved or to play a different "role" in this play of life.

so, to use your example--if You (your Higher Self) was on the planet during the Inquisition, you CAN heal that in this NOW time as your Self is the same Self it was then, only you've got a different physical body, and to top it all off, maybe that Self that was embodied during the Inquisition was someone in your own physical family tree in the "past", making you your own ancestor!

All things happen all at once--"past" "present" and "future", so we are living our "past lives" simultaneously with our "Now life" and our "future lives".

Well, I sometimes "get" this and then I "forget" this, so thank you very much for the reminder!!
Change the Past, Change the Future

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