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Date:   12/2/2011 1:12:09 AM ( 6 y ago)
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Dear Rudi:

I am so sorry you are having such financial difficulties!

Personally, I believe that the helping professions—teaching, nursing, social work, childcare, eldercare, are some of the most valuable to our society, yet the most underrated in terms of recognition and certainly in pay.

Of course you have to take care of your own financial needs. If you leave teaching to sell widgets, it does not mean you have to stop helping others. You can still be a volunteer, maybe at the same place you are teaching now. You might even be able to help out community organizations or individuals in financial need once you are more financially stable yourself.

Regarding what your children think of you: A wise man once said, “What others think of us is none of our damn business”, including our own family members. What’s more important is what we think of ourselves.

Regarding your decision about your work: Spirit has told me many times that in this lifetime, what we are DOING is not so important as what we are BEING.

Are we BEING kind, compassionate, patient, understanding, and loving? Are we BEING forgiving of ourselves and others when we fall short? Are we BEING in honor of the Earth? Are we BEING in connection with Spirit, seeing Spirit in ourselves and in others?

Whatever your decision is, whether to continue to teach or leave to sell widgets, you will still BE the same kind, compassionate person that you are, Rudi.

Blessings, and let me know what you decide!


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