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Date:   10/10/2011 11:28:39 PM ( 10 y ago)
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I participated in the free QiGong energy healing transmission Saturday Oct 8. I fell asleep during the session. Two hours later I started sobbing uncontrollably, and kept on crying for hours. After going to bed I fell asleep for 4 hours and then woke up, crying again.

Old memories from 20 years ago surfaced--I used to work in the pediatric unit of a medical facility as a social worker; the children had severe birth defects or traumatic brain injury. Most of them either died or remained severely disabled. I could remember the children and their parents and the situations clearly, as if it were the day before, and not 20 years ago.

The next day I realized that as a medical social worker I was trained to not get "emotionally involved" with the children or families I was working with, and although I rarely openly grieved the children's deaths/illnesses at the time, I'd "stuffed" the grief into my body all those years ago and only now was it being released.

I'm impressed with how powerful the emotional detox was for me. I'm considering signing up for a month of QiGong energy healing sessions--4 weekly sessions for $99 seems reasonable to me--beats going to "talk" therapy anyday, and less expensive, too!



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