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The comments on the use of sodium chloride are heading in the right direction... however, all answers are incomplete without considering the root cause of all degenerative diseases and impaired immune function:

The body operating outside of PRIME pH = 7.2-7.4

Start by reading from cover to cover, "The pH Miracle" by Robert Young and check out his blog site titled, "Articles of Health".

If a body is maintained at a range of 7.2-7.4 (which is only obtainable thru diet), parasites along with other environmental factors can be defeated and overcome through the awesome design of the body to heal and restore itself.

Furthermore, paracides are only completely successful if the body is free during the time of the cleanse of acid-forming foods which would provide the critters with food sources. Existing intestinal impactions of undigestable foods also must be removed before, during and after this parasidal cleanse by a qualified practioner in colon hydotherapy (colonics)to further rid the body of potential food sources for the parasites and their unborn young (eggs laid in these mycotoxic impacted beds in the intestinal tract). This impacted intestinal 'cement' originates from improper food combinations (meat w/ cheese, starches with meat, fruit w/ starch, fruit w/ veggies, meat w/ beans, unkosher meat ~ meat w/ blood & fat still in it). The body was designed to digest eat food source in different areas of the body (some in the stomach, some in the intestines) and with differing digestive aids within the body (hydrocloric acid, saliva, enzymes, alkaline environments vs acidic environments). If food types conflict in the body's attempts to digest them, the higher order food source (for ex: meat) is dealt with first and the lesser food source is combined with the higher one into an undigestable material (think of mixing two different colors of clay... it is forever a new color) that layers into the intestinal walls and literally rots and putrifies releasing gases. The villi is impacted and the body is robbed of nutrients while seeping in the mycotoxic materials from the rotting impactions into the body.

I hope all readers will look into this for their own health's sake.

BTW, 100% of all cancer patients tested for parasites HAD THEM. The excrement of the parasites are acidic and further peril the body's ability to obtain maintable PRIME pH.


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