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Date:   10/7/2010 5:07:57 PM ( 10 y ago)
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Thanks for sharing!! I 've been having a lot of spiderbites while sleeping lately, although I never see any spider in my room lately. Suddenly I realised that they where comming from outside my window (I allways keep my window open) and that I have some plants there wich probably attract them even more. I tried all I found in my home in hope that I don 't have to close my window in the future to keep myself safe from getting sucked on while sleeping. It 's a mix of Cinnamon, red pepper, rosemary and ecalyptus. Hopefully this will keep them outside beceause only the idea is allready creapy since I sleep with my head next to the window where they come inside, I 'll let you know how it 's gonna work out. I 'm not scared of spiders but there is nothing more creapy than creatures running over me while I 'm sleeping beceause I oftenly astral travel and sometimes my body is paralysed for a while before I am able to get up, so I guess you can imagine why they are very unapreciated tresspassers in my room :P

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