Re: Singing rewires damaged brains in stroke patients by fledgling .....

Date:   2/22/2010 10:46:09 AM ( 10 y ago)
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Thanks, Rudy!

I wonder if there isn't a relationship to the time of ones life when they first learned the 'You Are My Sunshine', for example.

I learned that at age five or seven...during the years of WW II. A friend's mother was playing it...and softly crying.

I am now 71, and remember the day clearly. I wonder what else comes attached to that long-ago memory.

I had stroke last July 15th. It wasn't an anurism or 'bleeder'. I thought my brain wasn't particularly involved. ...But, some things echo back once in a while.

If anyones leg feels 'stumpy' from a stroke, ask a therapist about exercises for the knee. I suddenly realized that it was the knee that was 'wobbly'.

Just remembering turns those muscles back 'on', and co-ordinates walking nicely.

And, walk, my friends. When my brain wakes up in the middle of the night, I walk back and forth and around and around. It makes me nice and sleepy, too.

...And helps the digestive system.

A Charlie Horse in the calf disappears with one upward movement of the other foot up the afflicted calf.

Thanks, again.


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