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Date:   2/7/2010 12:48:39 PM ( 11 y ago)
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Re: Ocean's Alive marine phytoplankton

OOOPS, I was wrong! Just listening to a video of Avocado this morning and he is good friend with the guy that puts out the phytoplankton. Anyhow, he said the marine phytoplankton will last 2-3 months without refrigeration but that he chooses to go ahead and refrigerate it. Good to know!! I had one that was just sitting in my cabinet for a month so now I've moved it into the frig.

Now going back to your original problem: here is what I do when I have a small bottle like this that I don't want to fall out of the frig. I just started doing this a few months ago and it works well: I just find a small glass or coffeecup and set the bottle inside the glass or coffeecup and then set the coffeecup or glass in the door of the frig. (Sorry I didn't think to mention that technique before -- had forgotten all about it, haha.)

Wishing you the Best Day Ever!!

Michele / Avocadess

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