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Date:   1/30/2010 12:19:42 AM ( 11 y ago)
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Awwww! Thank you, Dear Heart!!

I do not keep my Ocean's Alive marine phytoplankton in the frig. It's already in a very dark glass which keeps out light, and my apartment tends to be 78įF (or less) at room temperature, which I think of as pretty cool (haha).

Now as far as keeping it in a DRY place, condensation to wetness might actually happen more easily in the refrigerator. But I cannot understand why you would need to keep something that is already VERY wet in a dry place, LOL...!!! Who was the rocket scientist that wrote that on the label?!! (smile)

Of course all my answers are neither educated or scientific in regards to this -- so like an old friend of mine used to say, remember my advice is worth as much as you paid for it! But no, I can't see putting it in the frig until and unless it starts getting hot around here. So glad you brought this up though because I might have overlooked that issue completely and left my phytoplankton in the heat this summer. Now I will be sure not to do that!!

Oh by the way -- I never pay $60 for it!!! I get mine from
for $38 a bottle. It's a wholesale club and basically that means you have to do something like a minimum $99 order and there is a fee of $35 a year to be a member but I think you can PROBABLY become a member for free for at least a few months if you use the code E100.

Huggers!! Michele / Avocadess

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