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Date:   1/23/2010 9:15:21 PM ( 11 y ago)
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You are right -- there are SO many healing herbs to learn about!

I have come to believe it is true that marijuana is MOST healing only when imbibed in its raw form. That really makes sense to me because back those decades ago when I used to smoke it I found that before long it came to make me feel paranoid.

According to David Wolfe -- and I don't know where he got this information but it really feels RIGHT to me! -- marijuana is like the guardian of the garden and it does not like fire. He said that is the reason people feel paranoid when they smoke it.

Apparently, for someone who has been smoking marijuana much at all, they cannot feel the effects of eating marijuana until they have STOPPED smoking it for at least 6 months -- or maybe even longer! It's too bad that a lot of smokers would not be willing to lay down the fire on it long enough to check out this claim. I don't know, but my guess it is that is many times MORE healing taken unheated and RAW...!


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