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Date:   11/4/2009 3:00:45 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Thank you, this is very mighty exiting! i my self have gone through a bad way wanting to love in a wrong way. It is not my fault. People, want to teach me how to care so I can love them. I have found that they wanted to control me for their own care and love. All this love and love all is in vain. Why - it is not love from God, so no care to life from Him. We have created fear in our selves and anger and cruelty out of hate and want to force our mind to think as if this is the possible way or love to us. How much do we believe in this love? Until it will be prooved false or it sicken us of its wrong monopulationg control, against our true life as given by God's creation. Our true thought is one, GOD, our Father so we have that love creating us and no fear, no care - not our controls or love or egos's thought. we have created a condition without love. hiding one's bad feeling by having thoughts to defend, to care and to love come in conflict with others thoughts created out of His Love to our true livings. How much have we compassion to God's creation and allow it in His field, world. For this we need one thought, Love and his home our home here in our condision. Jesus has done this very clear and we have to change and be kind and co-creative. but until we have our loves or superloves, our reasons to care and fear we are death to our lives and God's creation in us. we are created for Him and not for us, to love our thoughs and hate our true loving feeling out of Him. we are just animals and have forced merciless destruction and ignore our hate to God and the livings.
I love God!!!!!!!!!!!!

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