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Date:   10/12/2009 2:29:26 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Thank you very much for the kind, warm welcome. I am moved to have found someone such as yourself to open your arms wide open. Thank you very much.

Have you been on this site for long? It seems like a busy place with lots of diversity here.

I would appreciate if you could point me to more of the blogs you feel would interest me. I enjoy reading all kinds of perspectives and paradigms.

I followed the link you gave to your Youtube page. Did you piece together the video on there? Impressive.

I plan to do things of that nature. I think the more we share these potentials with our world tribe, the more balanced our collective world can become. I think once we balance our lives we may help others find their freedom as well.

It's a world of choices, but so many people seem to feel trapped, which is merely resistance. Unraveling that resistance and removing the blocks can really open them up to harmonious flow vs being bashed about in the stream of "life."

Have you had any personal experience with The Sedona Method? I find this to be an interesting way of getting beyond our stories. You mentioned Byron Katie. Byron Katie's work is another way of re-realizing our essential awareness beyond our stories as well. There are many and all flavors that may appeal to different sensibilities. The key thing, I believe is that we evolve past our stuck-ness to true freedom, beyond polarity, beyond suffering, beyond the story (at least a disempowering story). Once we do this things are experienced very differently. The saying "of this world but not in this world" comes to mind.

Thank you again for the special welcome. I look forward to the experience of Curezone and I am grateful to have met you.

When my website is done I would love you to share your thoughts about it. I want it to be a resource for both my services but most important as a place where I can share inspirational stories and topical articles that can help people change in a way that serves them best.


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