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Date:   7/9/2009 8:40:37 AM ( 12 y ago)
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I read your blogs and you sound a lot like me. I have a party coming up this weekend and am nervous. I am on my third day of a juice fast, with a little raw food. Years ago I had to overcome the idea that what I eat and when I eat it is my business only. I used to eat because my parents wanted me to or I didn't want something to think that I was on a diet. After reading a few books I have learned that I am responsible for my weight and health. When I am unhealthy or unhappy due to my being overweight, the people that I was so worried about watching how I ate, are not suffering with me. If someone thinks that I am crazy for juice fasting, and they do, I think that they are crazy for for living on a junk food processed diet, but they don't try to eat differently when I am around. I hope that this doesn't sound like a rampage. This issue was, and is, a hard one for me to recognize and overcome.I hope that this gives you some strength the next time you are at your parents or at a party. Rather than you conforming to their eating habits maybe they will see your successes and try your eating,drinking, habits.
I am nervous about the party because when I see and smell the party food, it is very tempting. I am so sick of carrots that I started to gag yesterday while drinking my juice. Do you have any tips?
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