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Date:   4/11/2009 10:03:48 PM ( 13 y ago)
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Dear Arjuna,

I believe there are easier ways to
cleanse your body. You need to reintegrate
food into your system. If possible get some
massage to move your lymph. Even aromatherapy
would have a good effect on your health right
now. My first guess would be neroli. There are
many choices~~


I would recommend the Barefoot Healer's
blood purifier, and his tincture called
Maximum Restore. I have used these products
and they are easy to use. There are other
options like EFT therapy, which have forums
on Curezone. As you get stronger, you can
integrate and begin other alternatives.

Also sip your water at room temperature
and only drink 8 glasses max a day. Too
much water can easily be as dangerous as
too little. Your electrolytes are most
liked off kilter.

You can get a product almost everywhere
called EmergenC~~

It dissolves easily in water and tastes

Another product which has an excellent
effect on your liver is St. John's Wort.
I have used it when I was at some really
low moments and attribute much benefit
to its use. I like the tincture which
tastes fine in a little water~~

Let us know how you are.

If you can think of more details...

I hope you see improvement soon~!!

best wishes,



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