Re: 2012=Doom? Not! by Liora Leah .....

Date:   1/30/2009 7:32:36 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Thanks, Rudenski, for writing! I am struggling to not be in fear, and messages like this one posted I find to be very reassuring. Kryon in general is very reassuring--She never says to be in fear, and states Her purpose is to bring uplifting news to humanity. That does NOT mean things will be easy, however, and the energy shift we are ALREADY IN will continue to bring us roll-coaster changes. When I can view things from a "spiritual plane", I am excited and looking forward to continued changes, even as I'm anxious on a personal level--strange, the duality we find ourselves in!

Thanks again for your post, as always, Rudenski!

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