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Date:   1/27/2009 6:45:12 AM ( 12 y ago)
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I was talking to a friend about 2012 last night... and what you said does resonate somewhat with me. There is a real transition coming and those full of fear may very well descend into a lesser world with parallel thought patterns while those with a joyful spirit may ascend to higher thought patterns into the fifth world. No worries though... as those souls who remain behind will eventually catch up with those who move on... These lower thought patterns, filled with fear, could roughly be called "hell" while the higher thought patterns could be called "bliss." Earth will explode into a ball of flames in a lower thought pattern but a new earth will emerge in the higher fifth world. Everything will seem heavier in the shift for those filled with fear but for those embracing joy through the transition... they will be a lighter version of themselves... I can feel the light lightening every day... and desire to remove from my soul the spirits of fear that attempt to cling to my soul...

Thank you for your messages of loving spirit. It helps to know there are other souls preparing for the change.

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